What should be prepared ? for online business

There are some basic points that must be understood if you want to start a business online or doing business on the internet .

The fundamental point to start an online business :
  1. Internet knowledge and basic skills , including an understanding of email , an understanding of social networks , at least you can know how to use both.
  2. Computer ( PC ) connected to the Internet , it is absolutely necessary . If not / do not have a PC connected to the Internet , use a secure Internet service .
  3. Intention and willpower to succeed , in essence we are not easy to complain when I have to work hard to be up to the total internet business , because when we go in this world a lot of obstacles and hurdles that will be faced .
  4. Starting to learn a lot of things , starting to learn to write , learn internet marketing , learn a blog , learning the English language ( if you can not use google translate aja sekalina learn too right .. ) , and much more related to the basic techniques of doing business online .

Point - point above is the most fundamental and must be considered to start an online business ,

Advanced Point to start an online business :
1 . Building a business concept
Define the concept or theme of the business you are in, about what and how to live it then you understand the concept of 100 % . And to do that very easily you can find literature about various online business and understand then you take action Which online business is going to take, and join forums that discuss online business . The key word is to understand it 100 % , Ok .. !

2 . Choose only one course online business to focus
When you search for information on the types of online business so that you get are so many types of online business , a lot of the kind that Take one type of online business according to your capacity and capable of in terms of resources . You must first understand your abilities before deciding to select and multiply looking for information about an online business he chooses to understand up to 100 % .
The key word is the theme and the focus should understand 100 % , Ok ... !

3 . Define the target market
The Internet is a very broad area coverage , if the URLs like a world that has no end to be explored , is growing and expanding all the time . Learn how to market your online business products with appropriate targets , which you may offer to design software products that work only person cooking . The key word is trying to target the appropriate markets with products online business

4 . Have the Payment Account
When you jump in the world of business and any business , the Bank Account is indispensable and must be owned , as well as with your online business can have a local bank account or Virtual Bank Account as Paypal is very popular among online businesses around the world .
For more about the virtual account I will discuss in the next post

5 . Always Focus
There is no focus then no success , stay focused on the original purpose is the key to success. Saturation and ease lazy virus often experienced by people who are just starting an online business . The key word is always cling to the initial concept and focus through it , if it still fails you can try switching to another business and focus again . , Ok ... !

6 . Starting with the free
To start an online business , you can use the free media such as creating a blog from blogger.com / blogspot and promotion on facebook or twitter and many more free media that can be utilized for online business . And do not ever feel ashamed to do this , a lot of people who succeed in online business by simply utilizing the free media .

This is done to minimize if a loss , so you just suffered a loss in terms of internet connection wrote , but if you 've been successful and have gotten the results of doing business online then start to become a professional business using the official website and the cost to buy a domain that official .

Similarly, the article on " What should be prepared ? for online business " hopefully be useful and add to the motivation of online business .


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